Supermodel Samba

Aquarian Weekly by Mike Greenblatt

Blame it on the bossa-nova but Bianca Rossini, on her third CD, can give up her day jobs. She’s the Brazilian actress, poet, author, singer, songwriter, supermodel, television host and columnist whose Vento do Norte (Apaixonada Music/BDM Music) is so mellifluous and sensual that it’s bound to be an international hit.This is a gal who knows whereof she came, thus she name checks the greatest samba of them all -- Antonio Carlos Jobim’s 1964 “Girl From Ipanema” -- in her own “Ipanema Paraiso,” a bold move if you can’t back it up...and she does, in spades. (It helps to have the silken tone of tenor saxophonist Jimmy Roberts adding a sailing solo.) She’s also brave enough to openly write of lust in her “Tic Tac do Amor.” The 10 playful beach-ready tracks utilize different rhythm sections for segues that sound as passionate as they do soulful. My only confusion is “Paris In Beverly Hills” where she sings the title line in English, begging the question of why Paris without the pay-off of an answer in the verses which are sung in Portuguese. Still, this is a sensuous and seductive keeper.


Rossini Presents: Vento do Norte

World Music Report by Raul da Gama

Bianca Rossini has an extensive acting repertoire on both television and on large screen. She is also a fine singer and celebrates that part of her artistry on Vento do Norte, her third full-length album released both digitally and on disc in 2017. Her earlier recordings may have found her searching for her ‘perfect’ voice. On Vento do Norte she is within a hair-breath of finding it. The inspirational nature of the music – the music of her beloved Brasil – relies so much on temperament to carry into the ascendency that perfection can be heard almost immediately on these ten songs that leave one gasping in wonder at a voice so articulate, pristine and yet also so sensual and beckoning.

Perhaps it is a bit unfair that Bianca Rossini has the advantage of ‘acting’ – very successfully at that – to add to her sublime voice. She certainly takes good advantage of both crafts as she allows the songs to speak to her in the intimacy of her heart. Moreover, each note and phrase that results – incisive and intelligent as it is – comes from the depths of her feet. And even if there is an unaffected simplicity of utterance in the singing of the lines, there is no doubting the depth of emotion that underpins the telling vocals of these songs. Which are all sung with intimacy, focussed timbre and quicksilver diction.

In terms of the gentleness of her voice and the ecstatic immediacy of her metaphorical singing, Bianca Rossini is able to imbue the lyrics with a sort of liquid gold. Naturally, the best of these efforts lie in depicting love in all of its sensuality, joy, pain and other matters of the heart. Fortunately for us on this recording there is a surfeit of the former experiences rather than that of the latter. As a result we are able to fall hopelessly in love with songs such as “Vento do Norte”, “Doce Amor”, “Meu Sonho” and of course “Coração de Ouro”, which along with other songs are sung in a bright, deeply responsive soprano to absolute perfection. Miss Rossini’s cause is enormously benefitted from luscious arrangements and sound production – largely the work of Peter Roberts – to go with all of her efforts. This makes Vento do Norte a very significant album indeed.

Track list – 1: Vento do Norte; 2: Doce Amor; 3: Ipanema Paraiso; 4: Why I Smile; 5: Que Cor; 6: Tic Tac do Amor; 7: Paris in Beverly Hills; 8: Circular; 9: Meu Sonho; 10: Coração de Ouro

Personnel – Bianca Rossini: vocals; Peter Roberts: piano (1, 3, 8), keyboards and programming (1, 3, 7 – 10), bass (1, 3, 7 – 10), guitar (1, 3, 8), strings (1, 3, 8), whistling (1); arrangements and production (1, 3, 8) ; Mark Nilan Jr: piano (2, 4), keyboards and programming (2, 4), strings (2, 4), arrangements (2); Steve Rawlins: piano (6), arrangements (6); Marilyn Berglas: piano (7, 9, 10), strings (7, 9, 10), vibraphone (10), arrangements (with Peter Roberts [7, 9, 10]), production (with Peter Roberts [7, 9, 10]); Jon Gilutin: piano (5), strings (5), arrangements (5), production (with Peter Roberts [5]); Roberto Montero: guitar (7, 9, 10); Patrick Lockwood: guitar (2), production (with Peter Roberts [2, 4]); Mitchell Long: guitar (5); Jimmy Roberts: saxophone (3); Michael Levine: production (with Bianca Rossini and Peter Roberts [6])



All About Jazz by C. Michael Bailey

Bianca Rossini
Vento do Norte
Apaixonada Music & BDM Records

Rio de Janeiro-native singer Bianca Rossini follows her successful releases of Meu Amor (Apaixonada Music, 2012) and Kiss of Brazil(Apaixonada Music, BDM Records, 2011) with the present Vento Do Norte, another collection of original Bossa Novas that further cement Rossini's reputation as a foremost composer of Brazilian music. Rossini is a welcome presence because of both her seamless knowledge and talent composing in a contemporary Brazilian idiom. I believe that Jobim, Gilberto, and Moraes can stand only so much interpretation before even their impressive books are reduced to cliché through overuse. Rossini introduces to the mix songs like the clever "Tic Tac Do Amor" and the sprite title cut into a mix that longs for new material to interpret. Produced by the multi-talented Peter Roberts, who also does the piano, bass, and strings honors, the recording is buffed to a bright, pristine shine, warm to the touch and humid as a lover's breathe.



Pop Culture Classics by Paul Freeman

The beauty of Bossa Nova is back, courtesy of Rio de Janeiro native Bianca Rossini. Her third album is warm, winning and wonderful. Among the gems here are “Paris in Beverly Hills,” “Ipanema Paraiso,” “Doce Amor,” “Why I Smile” and the title track. Subtly seductive rhythms and impeccable instrumentation complement the lovely and alluring melodies. Singing in both Portuguese and English, Rossini’s voice is soft and sensual, sophisticated and sublime. Though she draws from classic Bossa Nova tradition, Rossini delivers the music with a fresh, contemporary feel. Every track here (and Rossini co-wrote thee of the tunes and penned the lyrics for all 10 of these originals songs) proves to be endlessly engaging. With “Vento Do Norte” (which translates as “North Wind”), she breezes along with authentic emotion and silky intimacy. Now based in Los Angeles, Rossini, who has also earned recognition as an actress, model, poet, author, arts columnist and talk show host, clearly has earned a place among the top Bossa Nova artists of the day


Bianca Rossini - Vento do Norte

LA Jazz Scene Magazine by Scott Yanow

While the golden age of Bossa Nova was back in 1959-65 when Antonio Carlos Jobim, Joao Gilberto, Astrud Gilberto, Charlie Byrd and Stan Getz made major contributions, the music has continued to be popular and evolve in the decades since.

One could imagine Bianca Rossini with her attractive and seductive voice tackling the Brazilian warhorses, but instead on Vento do Norte she performs ten of her own bossa nova originals. The singer, who was born and raised in Rio de Janeiro but now lives in Southern California, had previously recorded Meu Amor and Kiss of Brasil. On this set (which is also available digitally from, Ms. Rossini introduces ten compositions that are full of spirit, cover a variety of moods, and always contain the irresistible bossa nova rhythms. She wrote all of the lyrics and co-wrote the music with a variety of writers. While all but one of the songs are sung in Portuguese, the beautiful melodies, the infectious rhythms, and Ms. Rossini’s warm and sensuous voice result in a set of accessible music that is certain to delight a large audience. Highlights include the gentle love ballad “Doce Amor,” “Ipanema Paraiso” (which features tenor-saxophonist Jimmy Roberts), “Why I Smile,” and the catchy melody of “Tic Tac do Amor.”

On Vento do Norte, Bianca Rossini stakes out her claim as one of the finest bossa-nova singers on the scene today, and one of its most important writers.


ROSSINI’S OVERTURES…Bianca Rossini: Vento do Norte

Jazz Weekly by George Harris

If you like your Brazilian sounds romantic and sensuous, then Bianca Rossini is set to cater any meal. These ten songs have the velvet toned chanteuse creating lovely sounds with a mix of her own lyrics with traditional samba themes.

With a team including Peter Roberts/p-g-b-key, Steve Rawlins/p, Robert Montero/g, her voice is more confident and stronger than her earlier album, asserting herself with rich piano work on the title track, while still able to deliver her delicate wisp of a voice on the intimate “Tic Tac do Amor” and the coy “Why I Smile.” She saunters with delight with “Meu Sonho” and is languid on the couch during “Doce Amor.” Some caresing tenor sax work by Jimmy Roberts adds to the seduction of the vintage sounding “Ipanema Paraiso,” and calming vibes from Marilyn Berglas create a mist on “Coracao De Ouro.” A duet with pianist Steve Rawlins on “Que Cor” makes you beg for an entire album in a similar mood, if one doesn’t get a heart attack by the end.


Vento do Norte/Bianca Rossini

Deep Roots Magazine by David McGee

Even if it’s not the cultural phenomenon it was in the late ‘50s into the early ‘60s—when the likes of Gilberto, Jobim and Getz were riding high–Bossa Nova is very much with us in these inclusive times, and Rio native Bianca Rossini might well move into the front ranks of impressive youthful practitioners with her third album, Vento do Norte (translation: North Wind)

Ms. Rossini is a Renaissance woman with a serious resume. Born in Rio de Janeiro, she began performing at age three. After moving to the U.S. as a teenager (she now lives in Beverly Hills), she began her journey in academia, attending the U. of Maryland and George Washington University for dance and theater, and concurrently attended the Washington School of Ballet. In addition to choreographer credits in film and video, she has been a runway model; an actress with movie and TV credits (Chicago Hope, among them); a poet and published author of three book; an arts columnist and host of a weekly cable TV talk show with a national following. According to her official bio, her first two recordings, Kiss of Brasil and the EP Meu Amor, “have been featured on over 100 jazz radio stations in more than 15 countries in the United States, Europe and South America,” in addition to her music being number one on Pandora’s Bossa Nova radio and amassing a million streams on Spotify

Vento do Norte is her great leap forward as a musical artist. Much like Melody Gardot, she captures the flavor of the past with enough modern flair to make it all sound fresh. In addition to a seductive voice blending Astrud Gilberto’s sensual breathiness with a clear, resonant tone along the lines of, say, a classic pop stylist of yore such as June Christy, Rossini writes her own lyrics (and some of her own music), offering her unique take on the glory and mystery of love. Clearly she has enough confidence in her own voice—as a writer and as a singer—to dispense with the seemingly de rigueur Jobim and/or Gilberto covers. And despite using multiple producers—often a sign of problems in the studio that manifest themselves as a disjointed program on disc—Vento do Norte is seamless in sound and ambience; perhaps credit in large part is due to multi-instrumentalist Peter Roberts, who produced or co-produced all of the album’s 10 tracks; apart from Michael Levine, whose only credit is as co-producer, with Roberts and Rossini, of “Que Cor,” all the co-producers are also playing on the album, namely Patrick Lockwood, Mark Nilan, Jon Gilutin, Steven Rawlins and Marilyn Berglas, and all are, like Roberts, playing multiple instruments and writing arrangements. On the basis of sound and style, of framing Ms. Rossini’s personable voice in ways that both complement and enhance her readings, this team, largely held over from Kiss of Brasil, is seasoned and of championship caliber.

Unsurprisingly, Ms. Rossini is fluent in Portuguese and English and employs both in her songs—sometimes in the same song, in fact, as in the languorous, lovestruck beauty of “Paris in Beverly Hills” and in “Why I Smile,” a lush, string-enhanced, gently swinging accounting of a paramour’s irresistible qualities.

Elsewhere the narratives span sensual yearning (viz., “Doce Amor” [“Sweet Love”] with support from understated strings and Brubeck-like piano) to flirty, swaying come-ons (“Tic Tac do Amor”) to a tender, piano-based rapture, “Meu Sonho.” You don’t have to understand a word of Portuguese to feel the sensual reverie consuming her as she luxuriates in “Ipanema Paraíso” (“Ipanema Paradise,” also featured on her first album, Kiss of Brasil), but Peter Roberts, in piano, and Jimmy Roberts on sexy sax turn up the heat with tasty, concise soloing guaranteed to raise the swoon level. In the irregular phrasing of Jon Gilutin’s piano and the song’s jazz harmonies, I swear I hear a debt being paid to Burt Bacharach (in the six-degrees-of-separation department, shall we note a Stan Getz album of Bacharach’s music released in 1968?) in “Que Cor” (“What Color”), whereas the air of mystery infusing the pop-jazz of “Coração de Ouro” (“Golden Heart”), augmented by an atmospheric vibes solo courtesy Marilyn Berglas and subtle, fleet guitar punctuations from Robert Montero, is practically an homage to Mancini.

In short, Bianca Rossini has put it all together. With sonics as rich as its texts and vocals, Vento do Norte touches the heart in a lasting way.


Bianca Rossini:Vento do Norte

Keys and Chords by Patrick Van de Wiele. Belgium

Alhoewel Bianca Rossini geboren werd in Rio de Janeiro, verhuisde ze tijdens haar tienerjaren naar de USA om daar haar studies als artieste voort te zetten. Bianca heeft er al een veelzijdige carrière opzitten, want ze acteerde voor film en tv naast o.a. James Spader, Hector Elizondo, Richard Dreyfuss, Christian Slater, Dick Van Dyke en Dom DeLuise. Ze was te zien in ‘Moon Over Parador’, ‘The Fast One’, ‘Brainiacs’, ‘Monsters’ en ‘Bad Influence’. Daarnaast produceerde en presenteerde ze meer dan honderd afleveringen van de wekelijkse talkshow ‘The Bianca Rossini Show’ in L.A. Ze componeerde muziek voor ‘Chicago Hope’ en ‘The Sentinel’. Ook schreef ze drie boeken: ‘Love in Black and White’, ‘A Brazilian Heart – Rubies, Murder, Love and Other Poems’ en ‘Julia – Confessions of a Brazilian Super Model’. Ze staat bekend voor haar sensuele interpretaties van bossa nova, samba en bolero en staat op de eerste rij van de huidige golf van bossa nova die L.A. overspoelt. In 2011 besprak ik haar debuut ‘Kiss of Brasil’ en was er laaiend enthousiast over. Twee jaar later volgde de EP ‘Meu Amor’. Nu is de derde cd er, en opnieuw ben ik verliefd op die warme Braziliaanse stem, en die bossa nova muziek. De titeltrack opent, en betekent noordenwind. Bianca schreef hem samen met Peter Roberts. Liefde komt aan bod in het zachte ‘Doce Amor’, waarna het eerder opgenomen ‘Ipanema Paraiso’ weerklinkt. Dit is één van de topnummers, ook weer samen met Peter Roberts geschreven. Het zacht wiegende ‘Why I Smile’ is ook mooi, gevolgd door ‘Que Cor’, gebaseerd op een gedicht uit haar boek ‘Love in Black and White’. ‘Tic Tac do Amor’ gaat over flirten, waarna ‘Paris in Beverly Hills’ half in het Portugees en half in het Egels gezongen wordt. ‘Circular’ heb ik ook al eerder gehoord, maar blijft prachtig. ‘Meu Sonho’ is zeer zacht, maar afsluiter ‘Coração de Ouro’ is een swingende, optimistische track. Bianca, ik blijf naar meer verlangen, en blijf verliefd op jouw Braziliaanse flair en bossa nova muziek!

Bianca, again I’m enthralled by your Brazilian flair and bossa nova music! I want more!


Bianca Rossini - Vento do Norte

Jeff Tamarkin, music journalist

"When I conjure up perfect bossa nova in my mind, it sounds very much like Bianca Rossini’s elegant Vento do Norte. Bianca’s vocal delivery is sweet and sunny, the arrangements sway and swing entrancingly, and the songs stay with you long after the final notes fade away. Each track is a gem, luxuriant, gleaming and intimate, imbued with timeless traditions and ingenuity. Vento do Norte is a triumph, Bianca Rossini’s most fully realized and enrapturing release to date.”


Bianca Rossini - Vento do Norte

Steve Hochman, music journalist

"Bianca Rossini’s voice is pure, expressive, playful. Her songs poetic, richly grounded in generations of traditions for which she clearly has deep affection, not to mention expertise and facility. The performances, lithe and life-filled, match all that in every note, every nicely turned phrase. But what stands out most on Vento de Norte is her honesty, both emotional and artistic. At root of this is her deep love for the golden age of the samba and bossa nova of her native Brazil — you don’t cite Ipanema in a song title (the silky “Ipanema Paraiso”) without wanting to evoke that era. But she’s not ignoring or dismissing all the experiments and fusions of those styles that have happened over the years. Rather, she’s renewing the spirit that inspired all that in the first place, and has so profoundly inspired her. She sings of amor (“Doce Amor” — “Sweet Love”) and the flirtatious, tantalizing games we make of it (“Tic Tac do Amor”). But what she really wants is for us to love this music, and all she brings to it, as much as she does. And she succeeds. Delightfully.”


Bianca Rossini – Vento do Norte

Girl Singers by Doug Boynton

(Apaixonada Music/BDM Records) Released 17 July 2017

While I could listen to Bossa Nova all day – for the most part, it would be mood music. It is not typically the kind of music that engenders the “…turn that up, I want to hear this,” kind of behavior for me.

With exceptions. Sergio Mendes and his various “Brazil XX” groups, Astrud Gilberto, and now, Bianca Rossini.

Ten originals, all with lyrics by Ms. Rossini, opening with a strong and insistent title track, “Vento do Norte,” which manages to be both driving and tender all at once. That intimacy is what sets Ms. Rossini apart from many bossa nova vocalists – all emotion, never indifference.

As intimate as a whisper in the ear, and quite possibly as suggestive, as well. Makes me wish I spoke Portuguese.

Favorites include the slyly-titled “Tic Tac Do Amor,” the title track (“Northern Wind”), and the closer – “Coração de Ouro.”

Multi-talented producer-arranger and man of many instruments (piano, bass, strings, whistling!) Peter Roberts contributes heavily to the frame that goes around this talented vocalist. This is a third album for Los Angeles-based Ms. Rossini, which even in its most languid moments, refuses to be relegated to the background.

Very highly recommended.


Critical Acclaim for Brazilian Singer and Songwriter Bianca Rossini’s New Bossa Nova Album, Vento do Norte

Bossa Nova artist Bianca Rossini creates a modern classic on her third album Vento do Norte.
Top40-Charts, Broadway World, WAND 17, One News Page, 12 NEWS, 2 NEWS, KMIR, WTOL 11, ABC 6 NEWS, KEYC NEWS, NEWS DOG, KTVN 2

Born in Rio de Janeiro and currently based in Beverly Hills, Bianca Rossini has had great success in several different fields.

She has been a performer since the age of three, moving to the United States as a teenager.

Bianca attended the University of Maryland and George Washington University as a Dance and Theater Major, and studied at the Washington School of Ballet.

Bianca worked as a print and runway model in Milan, Rio, New York and Washington DC. Bianca landed several national commercials, music videos, and her extensive television and film credits include Moon Over Parador, Bad Influence, Mobsters, Chicago Hope, The Sentinel, Martial Law, and The Brainiacs.

In addition, she composed music for Chicago Hope and The Sentinel. Bianca also choreographed Moon Over Parador, The Sentinel and several music videos. Bianca is a poet and an author and has published 3 books:  Love in Black and White, a collection of poems with art by the most popular and influential contemporary landscape photographer Michael Kenna.

A Brazilian Heart – Rubies, Murder, Love and Other Poems is comprised of love poems with art by international artists, written in English and in Portuguese. Julia – Confessions of a Brazilian Super Model is a semi-autobiographical tale based in the years Bianca was an international model.

For more than a decade she produced and hosted The Bianca Rossini Show, a weekly cable television talk show seen around the country. Her magazine column about the arts in Hollywood was featured in several lifestyle magazines in Los Angeles and online.

Bianca's newly released album Vento do Norte follows her internationally acclaimed albums, Meu Amor and Kiss of Brasil, and singles, Return to Brazil and Cosmopolitan Girl.

Bianca’s music has been featured on more than 100 jazz radio stations in 15+ countries, including the United States, Europe and South America.

Bianca’s music is number one on Pandora's Bossa Nova Radio. On Spotify, Bianca’s songs have been streamed more than one million times.


Noteworthy album

Jazz Wax by Marc Myers

Bianca Rossini's Vento do Norte (Apaixonada/BDM Records).
Born in Rio de Janeiro, the singer-songwriter currently lives in Los Angeles. This album features Rossini's sultry voice and original songs in collaboration with Patrick Lockwood, Marilyn Berglas, Steven Rawlins, John Gilutin, Harvey Mason and Peter Roberts), all sung beautifully in Portuguese. A beach vacation without ever leaving home.


Bianca Rossini

Jersey Jazz Magazine by Joe Lang

Bossa nova has been popular in this country for over 60 years, and it still has a large following bIaNCa rossINI is a Brazilian-born vocalist who has resided in California for many years where she has worked as an actress and singer She has just released her third album of bossa nova tunes, Vento do Norte (apaixonada music -bDm records) this one all original tunes with her lyrics and music by several composers, on some of which she also was a co-composer There are a variety of musicians on the ten tracks Rossini has a voice that is smooth, welcoming and warm With most of the lyrics in Portuguese, it is difficult to judge them, but they flow nicely, and the final results are most pleasing Bossa nova sounds are particularly welcome at social gatherings or those moments when you want to relax and escape Vento do Norte will be a welcome visit for those times.


Bianca Rossini-Vento do Norte

Music Pen Club by Keizo Takada

Bianca Rossini / Vento do Norte(Apaixonada Music &BDM Records)
ビアンカ・ロッシーニは、リオ・デ・ジャネイロ出身、10代でアメリカに渡り、メリーランド大学やジョージ・ワシントン大学でバレーや演劇を学びファッション・ショウのモデルをはじめTVコーシャルやミュージック・ヴィデオでも活躍、詩人で著述家でもあり5冊の本も出版してる。現在は、ハリウッドのビヴァリー・ヒルズを拠点に活躍しているボサ・ノヴァ・シンガー。彼女は、作詞、作曲もやり、本アルバムは、全10曲を彼女が作詞して4曲では作曲にも係わっている。ボサ・ノヴァの伝統に則った作風で彼女の明るくしなやかな歌は、大変魅力的だ。ジミー・ロバーツのテナー・サックスの入る「イパネマ・パライソ」キャッチーな「ティク・ティク・ド・アモール」、一曲だけ英語で歌う「ホワイ・アイ・スマイル」、日本的な感じを残す「パリス・イン・べヴァリー・ヒルズ」等聞きどこの多い楽しい作品だ。これは彼女の「Menu Amor」、「Kiss Of Brazil」に次ぐ第三作目のボサ・ノヴァ・アルバムで、この他にもシングルを2枚出している。(高田敬三)


Bianca Rossini - Kiss of Brasil

Jimmy Webb, songwriter, composer, singer.

"Bianca, you will be forever in the book of my luminaries.”


Bianca Rossini at Vibrato Grill Jazz

International Review of Music by Don Heckman

Bel Air, CA. Bianca Rossini brought a colorful touch of Brazil to Vibrato Grill Jazz..etc. Thursday night. The busy actress/singer/songwriter and author makes rare live performances. But when she does, they showcase all of her many skills, enlivened by the rich, emotional Brazilian roots that are at the heart of her art.

Most of her selections, chosen from Rossini’s growing collection of original songs, were sung with the solid backing of keyboardist Yuko Tamura, guitarist Capital Violao Guitarra, bassist Sezin Ahmet Turkmenoglu and drummer Aaron Rafael Serfaty.

The songs covered everything from captivating bossa novas to ballads and rhythm tunes. Understandably, the often uneven aspects of the material reflected the fact that Rossini works with a range of writing partners. But it was her dark-toned voice and dramatic presentation that brought all the music together into one engaging interpretation after another.

Since Rossini’s performance was so visually oriented, emphasizing her lithe and expressive skills as a dancer and actress, it seemed appropriate to call in our stellar photographer, Faith Frenz, to provide a colorful photo essay of Bianca Rossini in action.


Bianca Rossini-Kiss of Brazil

Memphis Radio Station WUMR by Malvin Massey Jr, general manager

The Jazz Lover Family has an everlasting love for Bianca’s 'Kiss of Brasil.' You can't help but be seduced by the oh-so-sexy lilt of Bianca’s voice. Bianca’s music takes you back to the days of Jobim, Getz & Gilberto, Toquinho, and Vinicius de Moraes when Bossa Nova was king. When listening to “No Silencio da Noite,” “Ipanema Paraiso,” you envision being singled out and serenaded by Bianca, live and in person. It's just magical! Bianca Rossini's 'Kiss of Brasil' will live for a very long time."


Bianca Rossini-Meu Amor

Jeff Tamarkin, music journalist

“Honest, captivating and original—Meu Amor is a keeper! In a field as overpopulated as Brazilian jazz, the only way to make an impression is with originality. Bianca Rossini is an original. On Meu Amor, her latest CD, the Rio-born, Los Angeles-based Bianca’s captivating, self-penned compositions and stunning vocal performances resonate long after the first listen. Bianca’s honeyed, sensual voice is golden: smooth yet commanding, classic but cutting-edge. The arrangements, production and musicianship are all first-rate—a perfect match for Bianca’s honest, velvety, assured delivery. Like Kiss of Brasil before it, Meu Amor is a keeper, an exciting new work from an artist steeped in classicism but with an ear toward the future. I can’t get enough of this music!”


Bianca Rossini-Meu Amor

My Head is a Jukebox's by Regis Gaudin. France

Nouvel EP de quatre titres pour cette chanteuse découverte avec l’album « Kiss of Brazil » (Dans la continuité de ses premiers enregistrements, Bianca continue son exploration des musiques brésiliennes en mâtinant le tout d’arrangements lounge. Ce nouvel effort est moins jazzy que le précédent et plus bossa, plus acoustique. L’ensemble swingue tranquillement, c’est relax (« Passo a passo »). Les notes de piano s’envolent avec légèreté (« Bem Querer »), les guitares acoustiques assurent les rythmes dans un swing relâché et les percussions apportent ce qu’il faut de peps (« Faxineira », la préférée de votre serviteur). La voix de Bianca est magnifique, suave à souhait. L’entendre susurrer « Meu Amor » dans un râle sexy procure son petit effet, loin d’être désagréable à l’auditeur. D’un romantisme et d’un lyrisme exacerbé, ce chouette petit EP s’écoute comme un rayon de soleil au cœur de l’hiver.


Bianca Rossini-Meu Amor

WUMR U92 FM-The Jazz Lover by Malvin Massey Jr.

"What a treat to be entertained by the sultry and alluring voice of Bianca Rossini once again. Her new EP Meu Amor is a continuation of the beguiling sound that we experienced with her last outing. So, as that one was a "Kiss of Brasil," Meu Amor is the embrace. You feel the subtle excitement of romantic nights in a Brazilian breeze. Meu Amor - listen and enjoy!”


Bianca Rossini: Kiss of Brasil

Jazz Weekly by George W. Harris

Got a heart for the classic bossa nova sound of Jobim and Gilberto? I think that singer/songwriter Bianca Rossini got the baton passed to her as she delivers some of the best fresh samba sounds around. She’s got a breathy yet husky voice, and comes across like a Brazilian version of Julie London: cozy and intimate moods abound, and before you know it you’re caught up in the allure of the sensuality.

Keyboardist Peter Roberts produced the disc, and he uses a mix and match of standard piano/bass/drums along with cameos of strings, percussion, tenor sax and even whistling. Jimmy Roberts’ tenor sax floats like a fog on Rossini’s luscious and delicious delivery on “Ipanema Paraiso,” while strings provide silk drapes for Rossini to saunter around on the enticing “Nos Dois” and “O Tempo Vai Contar.” Other tunes like “Circular” have a bit more of a celebratory and pop feel, but she gets you right back to the mood to be woo-ed on “No Silencio da Noite”. All of the songs except the closing “Corazon de Oro” are in Portuguese, but if you need a translator for these lyrics, you’re kind of missing the point. Keep your ears open for this one. Whew!


Bianca Rossini-Kiss of Brasil CD

Jazz Times By Wilbert Sostre

Instead of choosing the safe path of recording brazilian classic songs, all compositions on Bianca Rossini debut album, Kiss of Brasil are originals, a bold move for this brazilian native living in California. But as it turns out, Rossini is not just a good singer, she is a talented songwriter, so the result is an album with a delicate sound and romantic, sometimes sexy lyrics.

Most of the music were composed by the guitarrist Patrick Lockwood and by the various pianists on the abum, Peter Roberts, Marilyn Berglas, Steve Rawlins and Ken Hirsch, The songs range in style from the MPB sounds (Musica Popular Brasileira) of "Circular" to the elegant Bossa Nova "Ipanema Paraiso", an homage to Ipanema in Rio de Janeiro.

On Ipanema Paraiso, Rossini sensual vocals interlace beautifully with Jimmy Roberts saxophone.

Rossini playful phrasing captivates and seduces the listener in the bossas "Perfume de Verao", "Coracao de Oro" and "Tarde em Copacabana", another place in Rio that has inspired lots of songs.

Kiss of Brasil also includes the contagious rhythms of the samba "Verdadeiro Amor" and three beautiful ballads, "Nos Dois", "NoSilencio da Noite" and "Primeiro de Dezembro."

Tracks: Ipanema Paraiso, O Tempo Vai Contar, Nos Dois, Tarde em Copacabana, Verdadeiro Amor, No Silencio da Noite, Circular, Primeiro de Dezembro, Perfume de Verao, Corazon de Oro

Musicians: Bianca Rossini - vocals, Peter Roberts, Marilyn Berglas, Mark Nilan Jr., Steve Rawlins, Ken Hirsch - piano, Peter Roberts, Roberto Montero, Patrick Lockwood, Grecco Buratto, Grant Geissman, Marco Tulio, Paul Montesano - guitar, Gecco Buratto - cavaquinho, Peter Roberts, Steve Rawlins, Mark Nilan Jr., Ken Hirsch - keyboards, Marilyn Berglas - strings, Sandro Feliciano – Percussion.


Bianca Rossini-Kiss of Brasil


Time to get Cultured….Bianca Rossini is not just a phenomenal Brazilian Jazz artist who’s been immersed in the soul of Bossa Nova, she has also authored 3 books, and her poetry is a refined art as well. From Brazil, where such greats as Astrud Gilberto and João Gilberto has brought us “The Girl from Ipanema”, and Antonio Carlos Jobim gave us “Águas de Março” and so much more…Bianca Rossini continues to display the essence and elegance of Brazilian music. Click on the picture to hear more from Bianca Rossini, and her debut “Kiss of Brazil”


Bianca Rossini: Meu Amor

Jazz Weekly by George W. Harris

I recently reviewed Brazilian vocalist and composer Bianca Rossini’s premier cd Kiss of Brazil and her concert performance in LA. Intrigued by the sounds and melodies, I went back and found this follow up ep, which was released a couple of years ago when she was supposedly testing the waters for future projects. There are only four songs, all written by the singer, and each one is like a single sample of a potato chip; you want more!

The support is more modest and lest “produced” than her first full release, and it actually works better, with initimate guitars by Larry Koonse, Doug MacDonald or Grecco Burrato, the cavaquinho strummed by Burrato, percussion provided by Cassio Duarte or Sandro Feliciano, and keyboards at the hands of Dana Kaproff. Her voice on the alluringly sensual “Meu Amor’ and lithe “Passo a Passo” is inviting and melodic, putting wonderful feeling into the lyrics that I have no interest in translating. Sing to me!

“Bem Querer” and “Faxineira” complete the short, tempting and sweet session, which begs to be put on her next full length release to make the night of magic last just that much longer. Old school bossa fans should flock to this temptress!


Bianca Rossini-Kiss of Brasil

My Head is a Jukebox's by Regis Gaudin. France

Bianca Rossini est une jeune artiste aux talents multiples, actrice, auteur de trois livres, elle fut également présentatrice de son propre talk-show à Los Angeles. « Kiss of Brazil » est son premier album, dont elle a écrit toutes les paroles en portugais et composé trois musiques. Née à Rio de Janeiro, Bianca, avait à cœur sur cet effort inaugural de rendre hommage à la musique de son pays natal en chantant dans sa langue maternelle. Beaucoup moins funky et cru qu’un Seu Jorge, par exemple, Bianca préfère mélanger les rythmes brésiliens à des ambiances jazz cool. En ce sens l’album serait à rapprocher des collaborations entre Stan Getz et Joao Gilberto. Il en résulte un disque apaisé et mélodique qui, dans ses meilleurs moments, s’écoule lentement comme une caresse. A écouter au soleil couchant en sirotant un cocktail. Un petit soleil musical même au cœur de l’hiver.


Bianca Rossini-Kiss of Brasil

The Jazz Chill Corner

At the forefront of Los Angeles’ current wave of Brazilian music and becoming a significant voice in Brazilian music is Rio de Janeiro-born, Los Angeles-based Bianca Rossini, renowned for her sensuous performances of Bossa Nova, Samba and Bolero. Her multi-faceted career including feature film and television acting roles opposite stars including James Spader, Hector Elizondo, Richard Dreyfuss, Christian Slater, Dick Van Dyke and Dom DeLuise. Bianca also appeared in movies Moon Over Parador, The Fast One, Brainiacs, Mobsters, and Bad Influence. She has composed music for TV series The Sentinel and Chicago Hope. She produced and hosted more than 100 episodes for weekly Los Angeles TV talk show, "The Bianca Rossini Show," and has authored three books: Love in Black and White with photographs by Michael Kenna, Bilingual Edition (English/Portuguese) A Brazilian Heart - Rubies, Murder, Love and Other Poems, and Julia - Confessions of a Brazilian Super Model. Kiss of Brasil, is singer songwriter Bianca Rossini’s Bossa Nova love letter to her homeland, has received airplay nationally and internationally on 30 stations and was named “Album of the Week” by Memphis, TN Jazz station WUMR (U 92 FM), Kiss of Brasil has been number one in the Brazilian Jazz category on for more than 4 weeks and has been on’s Bossa Nova, Brazilian Jazz, Latin, Editors and Staff’s Pick ‘s Top List for more than 8 consecutive weeks. identified Kiss of Brasil alongside Sade as gaining “Most Increased Play” last week with 17 new requests. “I am excited to hear that the music lovers in Memphis and around the world are enjoying my album Kiss of Brasil,” Bianca said. “I’ve been getting wonderful feedback from Bossa Nova fans internationally and I feel honored and thrilled to be featured in the same lineup with music greats like João Gilberto, Tom Jobim, Diana Krall, Pat Metheny, Sade and many others,” she added. Said Bossa Nova great Flora Purim, "I was enchanted by Bianca the first time I heard her sing, and now after listening to her album Kiss of Brasil, I'm as impressed with her songwriting as I am with her singing." For Rossini's debut album Kiss of Brasil, she partnered with BDM Records producer Peter Roberts (LaToya Jackson, Stan Bush, Vann Johnson) and co-wrote her songs with music industry luminaries including Marilyn Berglas, Harvey Mason, Peter Roberts, Ken Hirsch, Steve Rawlins and Patrick Lockwood. Kiss of Brasil also includes performances by Grant Geissman, Jimmy Roberts, Grecco Buratto, Roberto Montero, Marco Tulio and Sandro Feliciano.

Bianca Rossini's "Kiss of Brasil" is Destined to Become One of Bossa Nova's New Classics Multi-talented singer/songwriter Bianca Rossini will seduce you with the pulse of Brazil.

Producer Peter Roberts of BDM Records announced today the release of multi-talented, singer and songwriter Bianca Rossini’s debut album, Kiss of Brasil. The evocative original songs of Kiss of Brasil are destined to become Bossa Nova classics alongside of those written by João Giberto and Antonio Carlos Jobim; the “fathers” of Bossa Nova. Kiss of Brasil’s intoxicating beat is the new extended genre of Brazilian music that’s taking over the cool jazz movement.

Kiss of Brasil offers mesmerizing songs, like: Ipanema Paraiso, Nós Dois, and Corazón de Oro that are destined to become hits. The album contains songs, which were co-written with Marilyn Berglas, Harvey Mason, Peter Roberts, Ken Hirsch, Steve Rawlins and Patrick Lockwood. The album also includes performances by Grant Geissman, Grecco Buratto, Roberto Montero, Marco Tulio, and Sandro Feliciano.

Taking a cue from her friend and co-writer, music critic Don Heckman, Bianca created an album that is sure to fan the flames of romance. Bianca grew up with international musical influences, and has always had a gift for composing lyrics and music. She has co-written with Brazil's leading composer and singer Sergio Santos, Claudio Nucci and Andre Mehmari. In the LA area, Bianca has also written with Dana Kaproff, Jon Gilutin, Don Heckman and Glenn Scott Lacey. Bianca has stopped counting after writing more than 350 songs in less than 2 years!


Em Tempo: Bianca Rossini/Kiss of Brasil

Musa Musica by Paul Constantinides

Bianca Rossini, cantora brasileira radicada na California (USA), em seu debute no mundo da musica traz uma grata surpresa: Voz, bossa e poesia. A voz quente de Bianca traz a imagem do Rio anos 50 no retrovisor e aponta para uma estrada jazzística, no interior o ar intimista reconfortante. Kiss of Brasil é um belo momento musical do Brasil, fora do Brasil, feito com delicadeza e sabores.


Bianca Rossini-Kiss of Brasil

Keys and Chords by Patrick Van de Wiele. Belgium

Een nieuwe bossa nova klassieker in wording.

Alhoewel Bianca Rossini geboren werd in Rio de Janeiro, verhuisde ze tijdens haar tienerjaren naar de USA om daar haar studies als artieste voort te zetten. Bianca heeft er al een veelzijdige carrière opzitten, want ze acteerde voor film en Tv naast o.a. James Spader, Hector Elizondo, Richard Dreyfuss, Christian Slater, Dick Van Dyke en Dom DeLuise. Ze was te zien in ‘Moon Over Parador’, ‘The Fast One’, ‘Brainiacs’, ‘Monsters’ en ‘Bad Influence’. Daarnaast produceerde en presenteerde ze meer dan honderd afleveringen van de wekelijkse talkshow ‘The Bianca Rossini Show’ in L.A. Ze componeerde muziek voor ‘Chicago Hope’ en ‘The Sentinel’. Ook schreef ze drie boeken: ‘Love in Black and White’, ‘A Brazilian Heart – Rubies, Murder, Love and Other Poems’ en ‘Julia – Confessions of a Brazilian Super Model’. Ze staat bekend voor haar sensuele interpretaties van bossa nova, samba en bolero en staat op de eerste rij van de huidige golf van bossa nova die L.A. overspoelt. Haar debuut bevat allemaal originele songs, in een productie van Peter Roberts, en geschreven samen met Amerikaanse en Braziliaanse componisten zoals Marilyn Berglas, Harvey Mason, Peter Roberts, Ken Hirsch, Steve Rawlins en Patrick Lockwood. Bij te beluisteren van ‘Ipanema Paraiso’ denk ik onmiddellijk terug aan Jobim’s klassieker over datzelfde strand. Bianca zingt sensueel en in het Portugees. Romantiek is niet uit de lucht en de songs getuigen van passie. Zangeres Flora Purim zei over haar: "I was enchanted by Bianca the first time I heard her sing, and now after listening to her album Kiss of Brasil , I'm as impressed with her song writing as I am with her singing." ‘O Tempo vai Contar’ is wat trager, maar het is duidelijk dat dit liedjes zijn die de vergelijking met de grondleggers van de bossa nova, Antonio Carlos Jobim en João Gilberto, kunnen doorstaan. Je hoeft echt geen Portugees te begrijpen om meegesleurd te worden door deze muziek. ‘Nós Dois’ is al even mooi, gevolgd door het ietwat snellere ‘Tarde em Copacabana’. Dans mee op ‘Verdadeiro Amor’ of hou het ingetogen op ‘No Silêncio da Noite’. ‘Circular’ is wat uitbundiger, gevolgd door het romantische ‘Primeiro de Dezembro’. En

‘Perfume de Verão’ vervolgt in hetzelfde straatje, waarna ‘Corazón de Oro’ afsluit met Engelse tekst. Het lijdt geen twijfel, dit zijn hits in wording!

“Bianca, I’m in love with your voice and sensual songs! You transport me to that magical country of Brasil on the wings of your heavenly songs. I’m believe I’m in bossa nova heaven!”


Cantora e Compositora Brasileira Estoura Nas Paradas de Jazz Americanas

Jornal do Oeste-Brazil

Bianca Rossini está cativando os corações e mentes da América do Norte. Mais de 50 estações de Jazz dos EUA estão tocando todas as faixas do seu primeiro álbum, Kiss of Brasil, diariamente.

Desde o lançamento do álbum em março, a cantora e compositora brasileira Bianca Rossini, de Kiss of Brazil, que reside em Los Angeles, vem crescendo rapidamente em popularidade.

Kiss of Brasil tem estado no topo das paradas do CD Baby, nas categorias de Bossa Nova, Jazz Brasileiro e Música Latina durante 16 semanas, desde o lançamento. Agora, Kiss of Brazil está na rádio Pandora ‘80 milhões de ouvintes’ nas mais importantes estações de Bossa Nova incluindo Antonio Carlos Jobim, Bebel Gilberto, Nara Leão e The Bianca Rossini Channel. Bianca compõe e canta principalmente em português, o que torna a popularidade de Kiss of Brasil nos Estados Unidos algo surpreendente!

"É extraordinário, considerando-se que Kiss of Brasil não é somente o álbum de estréia de Bianca Rossini, mas Bianca está cantando em português causando tremendo impacto nos US market onde a língua inglesa predomina" disse Jason Gorov, Presidente da Gorov Música Marketing (Sade, Dave Koz, Beyonce), uma empresa líder de promoção de Smooth Jazz com sede em Las Vegas, NV. Gorov acrescentou "Kiss of Brasil está em destaque em estações de rádios por toda América como: WUMR Memphis 'U92 FM, KQXT / San Antonio, TX e KJZY/Santa Rosa, CA, onde todas as faixas do Kiss of Brasil estão sendo tocadas e foi escolhido como Melhor Álbum de Jazz da Semana. Outras estações americanas fizeram especiais de Kiss of Brasil como KBCS 91.3FM, Bellevue, WA, e ainda mais de 10 estações de rádios internacionais, incluindo ES RTVE Radio3/Madrid, Espanha, na Áustria, BestSmoothJazz/Londres, Inglaterra.

O sucesso de Kiss of Brasil não é surpreendente pois os vocais e melodias de Bianca são viciantes e nos levam em uma bela viagem."

"Eu escuto Kiss of Brasil de Bianca todo dia!" disse Grammy Award-winning cantor/compositor e Bianca Rossini fã, Jimmy Webb (‘By the Time I get to Phoenix’, ‘Wichita Lineman’, ‘Galveston’).

"A família do The Jazz Lover, WUMR 92FM, tem um amor profundo pelo álbum de Bianca Kiss of Brasil. Você não pode deixar de ser seduzido pela voz iluminada e tão sexy de Bianca" disse Malvin Massey Jr., Gerente Geral do Memphis Rádio Station WUMR. Ele continuou "A música de Bianca traz de volta a época, os dias de Jobim, Getz e Gilberto, Toquinho e Vinícius de Moraes quando a Bossa Nova reinava. Ao ouvir No Silêncio da Noite e Ipanema Paraíso você imagina escutar e sentir a melodia de Bianca como se ela estivesse ao vivo e em pessoa, cantando especialmente para você. É simplesmente mágico! Kiss of Brasil de Bianca Rossini veio para ficar”.

O estilo lírico de Bianca em Kiss of Brasil é sensual, romântico e intimista, assim como a sua poesia em seu terceiro livro, Love in Black and White (Nazraeli Press, 2009), aclamado pela crítica, feito em parceria com o mundialmente famoso fotógrafo Michael Kenna. Kiss of Brasil é como um afrodisíaco musical, perfeito para quem está apaixonado, quer se apaixonar, ou dar de presente algo inesquecível e romântico.

Bianca explica “Kiss of Brasil é o resultado da colaboração de um elenco mágico de extraordinários co-escritores. Produzido por Peter Roberts e co-escritores notáveis do Jazz Marilyn Berglas, Harvey Mason, Peter Roberts, Ken Hirsch, Steve Rawlins e Patrick Lockwood”.

Kiss of Brasil inclui performances de Grant Geissman, Roberts Jimmy, Grecco Buratto, Roberto Montero, Marco Túlio e Sandro Feliciano.

Kiss of Brasil está disponível no iTunes, Amazon e CDBaby.


Bianca Rossini's "Kiss of Brazil"

Galina Sobolev, celebrity fashion designer & tv personality finalist on the Bravo hit show launch my line

Hi everyone!
As you may or may not know, I absolutely LOVE music. Music is so creative and inspiring... have you seen the playlist I posted back in September? Love all of these songs!!

Most recently, I am in love with Bianca Rossini’s new album, Kiss of Brazil. Every song is so sensual and moving... really amazing, passionate music! Listening to this album made me feel like I was instantly transported to the sandy shores of Ipanema, even though in reality I was in the car with the kids driving to snow covered Mammoth. Ha!

Bianca’s music has so much sensual power, it will capture you from the first song to the last, which - incidentally - is the only one she sings in English! I am such a fan of Bianca’s music, in case you couldn’t tell, and I love that she’s a devoted fan of Single! She even thanked me on her CD. Wow, what an honor!!! I was so moved and touched, as I have never ever had my name on an album under the “Iist of people I’d like to thank.” I mean, who has??

I’m off to go listen to “Kiss of Brazil" for the countless time, I am totally addicted :-)

Check out Bianca’s Facebook page, and be sure to buy the CD on either iTunes or Amazon!!
Xo, Galina (AKA the Girl from Ipanema haha)