“Honest, captivating and original—Meu Amor is a keeper! In a field as overpopulated as Brazilian jazz, the only way to make an impression is with originality. Bianca Rossini is an original. On Meu Amor, her latest CD, the Rio-born, Los Angeles-based Bianca’s captivating, self-penned compositions and stunning vocal performances resonate long after the first listen. Bianca’s honeyed, sensual voice is golden: smooth yet commanding, classic but cutting-edge. The arrangements, production and musicianship are all first-rate—a perfect match for Bianca’s honest, velvety, assured delivery. Like Kiss of Brasil before it, Meu Amor is a keeper, an exciting new work from an artist steeped in classicism but with an ear toward the future. I can’t get enough of this music!” Jeff Tamarkin - Associate Editor, JazzTimes Magazine
"What a treat to be entertained by the sultry and alluring voice of Bianca Rossini once again. Her new EP Meu Amor is a continuation of the beguiling sound that we experienced with her last outing. So, as that one was a "Kiss of Brasil," Meu Amor is the embrace. You feel the subtle excitement of romantic nights in a Brazilian breeze. Meu Amor - listen and enjoy!” - Malvin Massey Jr. - General Manager - WUMR U92 FM - "The Jazz Lover"
The Jazz Lover Family has an everlasting love for Bianca’s 'Kiss of Brasil.' You can't help but be seduced by the oh-so-sexy lilt of Bianca’s voice. Bianca’s music takes you back to the days of Jobim, Getz & Gilberto, Toquinho, and Vinicius de Moraes when Bossa Nova was king. When listening to “No Silencio da Noite,” “Ipanema Paraiso,” you envision being singled out and serenaded by Bianca, live and in person. It's just magical! Bianca Rossini's 'Kiss of Brasil' will live for a very long time." Malvin Massey, Jr., General Manager of Memphis Radio Station WUMR.
“Bianca, I’m in love with your voice and sensual songs! You transport me to that magical country of Brasil on the wings of your heavenly songs. I believe I’m in bossa nova heaven!” Patrick Van de Wiele - Keys and Chords

Billboard airplay:

DMX Cable Radio/”Jazz Vocal Blend”
KJZY/Santa Rosa, CA
WEIB/Springfield, MA
KUAP/Little Rock, AR
WVSU/Birmingham, AL
Best Smooth Jazz London, England
Smooth Jazz Australia/Sydney, Australia
Jazz Waves Radio Tay Dundee Scotland
FM99.3/Chatswood, Australia
ABC Radio National/WA, Australia
WUMR U92FM, Memphis, TN
KBCS 91.3FM, Bellevue, WA
KPFK-LA 90.7 FM, Los Angeles, CA
WHCR/Harlem, NY
KTSU/Houston, TX
KKUP/San Jose/CA
WRTC/Hartford, CT
WFSS/Fayetteville, NC
KUNV/Las Vegas, NV
WTCC/Springfield, MA
WCHG/Hot Springs, VA
KUR/Reading, PA
WBZC/Burlington, NJ (Philadelphia)
KQXT/San Antonio, TX (Jazz
show on A/C station)
WJAB/Huntsville, AL
KIHT/St. Louis, MO (HD-3 channel)
KCOZ/Springfield, MO
WMWM/Salem, MA
KOKY/Little Rock, AR

KEDM/Monroe, LA
KUWS/Superior, WI
KAWC /Yuma, AZ
WUEV/Evansville, IN
WCVF/Fredonia, NY
TM Studios/Music sampler
retail in store airplay, armed
forces radio, etc.
The Digital Guy/Internet show
Newporter Jazz/Internet
Smooth Jazz Radio Channel
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Youtube - Bianca Rossini's "Ipanema Paraiso"

Ipanema Paraiso

Youtube - Bianca Rossini's "O Tempo vai Contar"

O Tempo vai Contar

Youtube - Bianca Rossini's "O Tempo vai Contar"

Bem Querer

Youtube - Bianca Rossini's "O Tempo vai Contar"


Youtube - Bianca Rossini's "No Silencio da Noite"

No Silencio da Noite

Bianca Rossini "Kiss of Brasil" Circular Youtube


Youtube - Bianca Rossini's "O Tempo vai Contar"

Passo a Passo



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Kiss of Brasil – Cover

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Kiss of Brasil – CD

Kiss of Brasil – Credits


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Kiss of Brasil – Liner Notes


Kiss of Brasil – Lyrics

Kiss of Brasil – Thank yous

Meu Amor – Cover

Meu Amor – Credits

Meu Amor – Liner Notes

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