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I feel very passionate about each of the creative paths I’ve pursued as an artist. Throughout my life, ask people have asked me what I love doing most: writing, prescription or acting.


I love everything I do and never really felt that I had a choice, as much as a calling but I know that I will always sing and write. Living in Los Angeles has afforded me the opportunities, collaboration with incredible talent, and the ability to get things done.


I just released my second album Meu Amor co-written with Dana Kaproff, followed by Kiss of Brasil, that includes all original Bossa Nova songs, produced by Peter Roberts (Billboard Award winner, writer/producer for LaToya Jackson and George Benson). My amazing song-writing partners are composers and musicians Peter Roberts, Marilyn Berglas, Ken Hirsh, Steve Rawlins, Dana Kaproff, Patrick Lockwood, Michael Levine, Don Heckman, Jon Gilutin, Glenn Scott Lacey, Sergio Santos, Claudio Nucci, and Andre Mehmari.

We are also proud to invite you to check out my latest book Love in black and white, with photographs by Michael Kenna, and the cinematic music video for my song Meu Amor.

I hope you will stay in touch and enjoy Meu Amor and Kiss of Brasil CD, available now worldwide at itunes, amazon, cdbaby.